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Our Products:

Fruits & Vegetables

Meat & Fish (Beef, Mutton, Chicken, Birds, Fresh Water Fish, Sea Fish, Egg)

Cooking Items (Loose Rice, Packaged Rice, Soybean Oil, Mustard Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Sunflower Oil, Spices, Daal & Chola / Lentils & Chickpeas, Salt, Sugar, Dry Vegetables and Flour etc.

Milk & Dairy Products – Baby/Infant Milk, Powdered Milk, UHT Milk, Liquid Milk, Cheese, Yogurt/Curd, Butter & Ghee.

Breads, Biscuits & Cakes

Sauces, Pickles & Condiments

Snacks & Instant Foods

Chocolates & Candies

Drinks – Mineral Water, Juice, Carbonated Drinks, Tea & Coffee etc.

Our Products:

Spreads – Jam & Jelly, Honey, Cheese, Mayonnaise, Chocolate Spreads & Mixed Spreads.

Baby Food & Care – Baby Food, Baby Diapers Wipes, Baby Bath & Toiletries and Baby Accessories.

Personal Care – Shampoo & Hair Care, Toothpaste & Oral Care, Shaving & Facial Care, Soaps and Hand-wash, Deodorants/Body Sprays, Napkins, Contraceptives & Others, Cosmetics and Skin Care.

Home Care & Cleaning – Air Freshner, Cleaning Products and Pest Control.

Pet Care – Pet Food and Pet Accessories.

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World class QA team at delivery point. As part of our customer service & support, a group of world-renowned nutritionists/scientists are constantly giving invaluable advice and instruction to our team.