House 38 road 8 sector 11 uttara 1230

Absan shahriar toufiq

Foreign Affairs Director
Aeronautical engineer
Studies in Warsaw University of Technology.

Director Message

It is my great pleasure to invite you to our site. I hope this website will help our valued customers whose trust in our products is the reason we always offer the best products and thus ensure incredible customer loyalty. We started our adventure with a guarantee to pass it on. We value our rich and extensive experience and moreover our significant understanding of Agroexportbangladesh. Our experienced group and international business partners are constantly coming up with innovative new products and services and dairy plans that not only keep up with the latest trends, but also contribute to the well-being of our farmers.

Amran Haque

managing Director

Managing Director Message

Our vision is to achieve food safety involving all levels of stakeholders, safe use, environmentally friendly inputs and integrated implementation. We also dream of reducing unemployment by coordinating all our stakeholders to achieve this goal. We deliver a high quality product, clarify pack sizes and prioritize the introduction of new chemicals. Our goal is to produce more food for the farmer’s benefit by ensuring inputs are used correctly.Our most important asset is the strength of a skilled workforce and a good supply chain. In order to develop our market, we offer various trainings to our team, our dealers, farmers and sprayers and we also communicate with DAE. We always ensure pleasant travels at home and abroad for distributors and team members.Our core and core value is to ensure food safety and health, maximum efficiency and quality, the development of farmers’ livelihoods and relationships with stakeholders and with banks and finance.